"Beat the Bloat"

This week’s tip is about instant ways to beat that bloated feeling in order to slim down quickly for a night out.

The first way is to eat asparagus. This is because it’s rich in potassium to help regulate fluid balance and keep bloating at bay, and also contains an amino acid called asparagine, which acts as a diuretic to flush excess liquid from your body. Secondly, you should try to avoid chewing gum, drinking through a straw, talking while you’re eating and fizzy drinks, as these can all cause you to swallow excess air.

If it’s too late for these preventative tips, you should gently press your fingers into your right hip, slide them up towards your ribs, then across and down to your colon in a circular motion. It may sound strange but this will help deflate the stomach very quickly.

Emma Driskell Fitness Instructor@Bexley
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