Think like a Caveman or cavewoman!

Posted: 25/08/2009

Think like a Caveman or cavewoman!

We don’t want you to start running around in loin cloths, clubbing each other and trying to catch the neighbours’ prize ornamental carp with a bone fish hook and a piece of washing line! What we want you to do is rethink your diet.

Over the last 100 years our ability to produce and provide so much food is nothing short of dramatic and staggering. However, with these advances in manufacturing, an awful lot of extra chemicals, additives and in some cases, some genetically modified material are added.

None of this would be a problem if our digestive systems matched the speed of these advances. But they haven’t. Our bodies haven’t changed much since our prehistoric ancestors.

To eat with your digestive system, try eating as wholesome and healthy as possible. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Keep clear of anything that needs interfering with to make it edible. Imagine yourself as a cave person and as you wander along, you would start to eat what is about, berries, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, carrots, beans, tomatos etc. Eggs and some meat are a good source of protein. We would use milk from domesticated animals so some cheese will be eaten. Just think, would a cave person eat it? If not, then it’s not that good for you.

Sugars, sweets, processed bread, pasta, cereals, crisps, fast food, cakes, chocolate, fruit juices, the list of foods that need help to make them edible is massive and just not good for our bodies.

So eat clean, eat like a caveperson!

By Mark Dopson
Reynolds at Rainham



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