The Reynolds Men’s Revolution

Posted: 21/06/2017

The Reynolds Men’s Revolution

Men’s skincare and grooming has come along in leaps and bounds in the last few years with men taking a much stronger interest in how to look after their skin. With this in mind we decided to take a little more of a closer look in to men’s skin and how it differs from women’s.

What makes Men’s skin different to women’s?

Men’s skin is mainly different due to the male sex hormones known as androgens (the most dominant of these hormones being testosterone). Although it can vary, the average adult male produces about 10 times as much testosterone as women, resulting in a man’s skin being around 25% thicker than a woman’s. Androgens also have an effect on hair growth in men making it stronger and there facial hair follicles have a flatter shape making them curlier.

Men’s skin is much oiler this again is due to the strong amount of male hormones, these make the oil produced by them a lot thicker than women’s, which is thinned by the higher production of estrogen. This thicker production of oil has a long term effect on men’s skin allowing it to stay better hydrated, however it can also cause men’s skin to be more congested and is one of the main reasons men suffer from long lasting acne.

On a plus side however due to the strong presence of these androgens, the collagen and elastin in men’s skin degrades slower than a woman’s, plus the production of testosterone helps to produce stronger networks of fibers, increasing the skins structure. However, men generally tend to be less conscious of the harmful effects of the sun, and apply sun cream a lot less frequently which does tend to increase the aging process, and also increases their likelihood of getting skin cancer.

Reynolds Tips to help you obtain a perfect healthy skin:

1. Exfoliate and cleanse to reduce ingrown hairs and congestions:
Using a dual purpose cleanser morning and evening will help to lift away dead skin cells blocking the path of the hair follicle allowing it to push through the skin better reducing ingrown hair helping to prepare it for shaving and will also reduce the oil distribution over the skin reducing block pores and congestion.

“Try Decleor’s Clean Skin Scrub Gel; formulated with Essential Oils of Clove and Eucalyptus, it is ideal for preparing the skin for shaving. With a dual action: cleansing and exfoliating, it leaves the skin glowing with freshness and energy.”

2. Prepare your skin before shaving:
Using a good quality shaving cream or oil will help to lift the hairs and protect the skin from the blade. This in hand will reduce the risk of razor burn and help to give you a smoother healthier skin.

“Try Decleor’s Express Shave Foam Gel, incorporating aromatherapy into your everyday routine this shaving foam provides a skin friendly solution to tired and razor-ravaged skin. The gel transforms into a light and creamy foam that lifts hair to help the blade to glide smoothly, reducing the risk of irritation and micro cuts and helping to slow the re-production of hair to ensure a lasting finish.”

3. Take care when applying aftershave to your skin:
Aftershaves can more often than not be very harsh and alcohol based, so can actually cause more harm than good. Don’t ever apply aftershave to a broken or irritated skin, this will just sting and cause more irritation. When using a fragrance, spray the fragrance onto clothes or apply a dab behind the ears, on the wrists and at the base of the throat to avoid dousing your skin in fragrance that can cause skin sensitivity and dehydration.

“Treat your Dad to a Reynolds experience with a gift voucher this father’s day. With a wide range of Decleor men’s specialised massage, facial treatments and gorgeous Lava shell massages to ease away all the aches and pains, we are sure to have every box ticked for you.”



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