Store Cupboard Health Remedies

Posted: 16/02/2011

Store Cupboard Health Remedies

This week I have 5 home health remedies to use for all those niggles that are not worth making a doctors appointment for-with all of the cures coming straight from your kitchen!

1st problem: Sore throat. The cure: Turkey soup.
It has anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce the movement of white blood cells causing your uncomfortable symptoms.

2nd problem: Diorrhoea. The cure: Brown sugar.
Drink a solution of one to two teaspoons in warm water. The molasses in it have disinfectant properties that help kill off the damaging organisms.

3rd problem: Heartburn or cystitis. The cure: Bicarbonate of soda.
It’s alkaline; just like the indigestion remedies your pharmacist sells. Simply dissolve a teaspoon in boiled water and drink when it’s cool enough.

4th problem: Nausea. The cure: Ginger biscuits.
Ginger is a well-known traditional remedy for car or morning sickness. However if you’re feeling unwell because you’ve eaten too much already, try peppermint tea instead.

5th problem: cuts and grazes. The cure: Turmeric.
The spice contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory effects. Mix it with a little oil (try coconut-the acids in it are antibacterial) and apply to the affected area for five minutes twice a day.

Emma Driskel-Fitness Professional @ Bexley



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