Reynolds Retreat October 2019 News

Posted: 07/10/2019

Reynolds Retreat October 2019 News

Welcome to the Reynolds Retreat newsletter.

A healthy lifestyle is so much more than going to the gym. That’s why our fitness experts curate this monthly newsletter giving you fitness, nutrition and well-being tips, because we believe the greatest wealth is health.

Rum Event


Join us at the Retreat in Borough Green Friday 22nd November from 6pm – 9pm to experience a rum-believable evening! A rum expert from Master of Malt will be joining us, sharing his wisdom on all things rum, and giving you the chance to taste a variety of different types. We’ll also be serving Caribbean style food such as jerk chicken and rice. Vegan and gluten free options will be available.

Tickets are £45 for members and include your rum, food and a free guest pass to use that weekend. Call us to book on 01322 522209.

Bring a friend week


Grab your best workout buddy and join us at the Retreat from Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November.

You’ll be able to bring a friend along with you for free! We’ll also be running some mini classes to give you a taste of what our classes are like. And even better, we will be offering treats from the kitchen throughout the day. Who doesn’t love a freebie, hey?

So grab your friend and come along. Ask one of our team for more information.

Meet the team


Each month we’re going to introduce you to some of our staff. This month we have the creators of this newsletter – Caroline and Luke from the Marketing team.

Caroline’s been working in digital marketing for years, for companies like Nokia, Sofitel and Holiday Extras. Luke has progressed from being a coffee connoisseur in our lounge bar to becoming a social media whizz in our marketing department.

We create all the content for Instagram, Facebook and our blog so let us know if you have any ideas for us – we love getting inspiration from our members!

Book a PT session


Have you ever had a Personal Training session with one of our fitness experts? Our PTs have knowledge, skills and abilities to design safe and effective exercise programmes bespoke to your goals. They can help you with weight loss, fat loss, improved sports performance and more. We have all the equipment you need to track your progress too.

Why not ask at reception or speak to one of our Personal Trainers about finding the most suitable trainer for you. Their rates are affordable and can be flexible with their diaries to fit around you.

Stress Less Talk and Q&A


Our resident nutritionist Kiowa will be running a Stress Less Workshop on Tuesday 22nd October from 6:30pm – 8pm, so why not come along!

For many of us, stress is a part of everyday life. But the effect it has on our bodies is shocking. At our workshop you’ll learn exactly what happens to your body when it goes under stress, and what strategies you can use to deal with it effectively.

The workshop will be a 1 hour presentation followed by a Q&A session for you to ask anything you want. Tickets are £20, or £15 if you are a Reynolds member, so book while there’s still spaces!



A lot of our Beauty Therapists were trained through the Reynolds Group Training Academy.

We run courses in Beauty Therapy, Personal Training, Performing Arts, Horticulture and more, for people of all ages. Some of the courses are full or partially funded, depending on age and other factors. If you know someone who’d like to start a career in any of these subjects, get them to send an email to


Here are many great reasons why you should consider adding HiiT to your exercise routine. Here are five of them:

It helps build endurance – HiiT quickly adapts the cellular structure of your muscles, enabling you to increase your endurance, regardless of what exercise activity you choose.

Burns calories in a shorter time – HiiT is super effective for those who don’t have a lot of time to work out. Studies show that 15 minutes of high intensity interval training can burn more calories than jogging on a treadmill for an hour.

Boosts metabolism – It is said that HiiT helps you consume more oxygen than a non-interval workout routine. The increased amount of oxygen consumed helps to increase your metabolic rate.

Burns fat hours after you leave the gym – When participating in such high intensity routines, your body’s repair cycle goes into hyper drive. This means in the 24 hours after a HiiT workout your body is still burning calories and fat, whereas after steady-pace workouts, this may not happen as much.

Good for heart health – They say that extreme training helps build extreme results. It’s hard for most people to push themselves to an anaerobic zone where you lose your breath and feel your heart pounding faster and faster. But with interval training it’s easier to push yourself to that level because of the rest interval that comes right after you reach that point. This helps keep a healthy heart and helps blood flow effectively throughout your whole body.

Try incorporating HiiT into your routine to get all of the above benefits and more. Speak to one of our PTs about booking a session with them today.



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