Reynolds Retreat January 2020 News

Posted: 02/01/2020

Reynolds Retreat January 2020 News

Welcome to the Reynolds Retreat newsletter.

A healthy lifestyle is so much more than going to the gym. That’s why our fitness experts curate this monthly newsletter giving you fitness, nutrition and well-being tips, because we believe the greatest wealth is health.

Retreat Opening Times


We are making a slight change to our opening hours here at the Reynolds Retreat.

Starting from Friday 3rd January, the Retreat will be closing at 9pm every Friday, instead of its current closing time of 10pm.



This month is Veganuary, a month dedicated to encouraging people to move to a plant based diet. Going vegan is beneficial for the planet and for animal welfare, but it’s important to do it in a healthy and sustainable way. If a proper diet isn’t followed, vegans can end up being deficient in vital nutrients.

How can you avoid this? Make sure you get sufficient protein from foods such as lentils and soy. Replace dairy milk with nut or soy milk to get calcium and consider taking B12 supplements.

Meet the reception team


Each month we’re going to introduce you to some of our Reynolds team. This month we have two of our Reception team; manager Chelsea and Receptionist Lydia.

Chelsea joined us a few months ago and has a background in working for health clubs. Lydia joined us in November and used to work as cabin crew for Thomas Cook.

If you see them around make sure you say hello!

New year, new you


Start the new year feeling fresh by giving your skin a detox, brighten and glow with one of the below facials!

Decleor Glow Facial – £48
(With 10% off Decleor Antidote Serum)

Environ Active Vitamin 3 Area Facial – £50

Book at reception or call us on 01322 522209. Offer ends Jan 31st.

Inspirational quotes


We love a good quote here at the Retreat, and what better time to give yourself some inspiration than the start of a new year. Here’s a few quotes to get you in the mood for 2020. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Beauty Therapy


Want to make a career move in 2020? Or know someone who wants to?

The Reynolds Training Academy is holding Open Days for our Beauty Therapy courses.

Monday 13th Jan, 9:30am – 11:30am – Reynolds Training Academy in Dartford
Monday 13th Jan, 11am – 1pm – Reynolds Wellness Centre in Rainham

We offer qualifications at Levels 2 and 3 in Beauty Therapy, with opportunities to progress on to full or part time work at one of our spas.

For more info or to book a place on the Open Day, email or call us on 01322 522209.



NEAT – or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – describes the energy we expend when we go about our daily business, and not exercising. For example, this could be working, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and even fidgeting. On a basic level, this means we can burn a lot of calories without even stepping foot into a gym.

NEAT levels vary from person to person. Individual biological factors such as weight and gender, can create significant differences for everyone. Essentially, the larger your body is, the more energy it takes to move. Studies have shown that lean people stand, walk and fidget a lot more during the day, resulting in more calories burned. Environmental factors can also make a difference. This includes culture, wealth, and job, etc, which have big impacts on the amount of NEAT a person is doing. For example, those working manual labour have a higher NEAT than those who work in an office all day.

There are plenty of ways to improve your NEAT and burn more calories, and it’s easier than you think. If you work in an office, why not stand at your desk if you can. Or if you can’t, why not go for a quick walk every hour or so just to stretch those legs. If you normally take an elevator up to the office every day, why not consider taking the stairs instead? Outside of work, if you have to pop to the shop and it’s not too far away, try walking instead of driving your car. At the supermarket, carry a basket instead of pushing a trolley. Waiting in any queue, find small ways to move like tapping your foot, or bobbing your head.

There are many ways to increase your NEAT and they can be simple to add to your everyday life!

Read our full blog post here.



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