Reynolds Retreat August 2019 News

Posted: 06/08/2019

Reynolds Retreat August 2019 News

Welcome to the Reynolds Retreat newsletter.

A healthy lifestyle is so much more than going to the gym. That’s why our fitness experts curate this monthly newsletter giving you fitness, nutrition and well-being tips, because we believe the greatest wealth is health.

Personal Training


Are you an experienced Personal Trainer, newly qualified or even looking to get started in the fitness industry? Would you like the chance to work and learn in a luxury fitness club? We are recruiting for Personal Trainers in Borough Green, Bexley, Sittingbourne and Rainham, Medway. We also have a Training Academy that can put you through the qualifications you need to start a career in Fitness. For more information, email Dan at

Gin tasting


Join us on for a gin-credible evening! An expert from local company Master of Malt will be joining us, sharing his wisdom on all things gin, as well as tasters of some of his favourite brands. We will also have a buffet, with vegan options available.

Tickets are £45pp, with members getting 10% discount. Enquire at reception or call us to book – 01322 522209.



Are you making the most of our sauna?

Saunas have a number of healthy effects on the body. It helps raise defenses against infection and has a strengthening effect on the immune system. The sauna heat also causes enhanced blood circulation which may help alleviate skin diseases. Using it post-workout is great too! The heat relaxes muscles which assists in the recovery of problems related to the muscles and ligaments.

Fantasy football


The Premier League starts this month! We know we have a fair few footie fanatics at the Retreat, so we’ve launched the Reynolds League Fantasy Football and we want you to take part!
Here’s how to play:

  1. Sign up to Fantasy Football on the official Premier League website:
  2. Buy your team with the allocated budget of £100 million
  3. Sign up to the Reynolds League by entering the code 93cb2l

If you come top of the Reynolds League, you’ll win two free Personal Training sessions. Good luck!

Eat well, feel well


Join our resident nutritionist, Kiowa, for a workshop on nutrition on Saturday 10th August from 2pm to 4pm. This workshop takes you through the fundamentals of eating for health. Find out the secrets of naturopathic nutrition and a healing diet that set the stage for complete wellness. Kiowa will be cutting through the confusion of the huge amount of information about nutrition that is often changing and contradictory so you can find out exactly what and how we should be eating! It will be a fun and friendly talk offering practical tips with healthy nibbles to enjoy, supporting handouts to take home and a chance to chat and ask any nutrition questions that you have.

Reynolds members get a special rate of £49pp. For non members, the price is £79. Please email for more information or call 01732 446050 to book your space.

Reynolds Wellness Centre

We are excited to announce that this month we will be launching the Reynolds Wellness Centre at our site in Rainham, Medway. Staying true to the Reynolds motto of “the greatest wealth is health”, Reynolds Wellness will host a variety of medical professionals, such as nutritionists, mental health experts and holistic practitioners to help you achieve total wellness. Reynolds Wellness will also have an onsite Personal Training studio, fitness studio with heart rate monitors and spa. Our overall aim? To build a community of knowledgeable, self-confident and happy people in Kent.

We’ll be holding an open weekend from Thursday 29th August to Saturday 31st August where customers can enjoy 50% off spa treatments. As Retreat members, you’ll also get access to the spa area for free on that weekend, so why not make a day of it? You can book at reception or by calling us on 01322 522209.


Holidays are usually about indulgence. We’re talking copious amounts of ice cream, making the most of local cuisine at pretty much any opportunity and, of course, those poolside mojitos. Don’t panic, we aren’t going to tell you to give any of that up. In fact, we encourage relaxation! But here are some tips to stay (a little bit) healthy on your travels.

Eat well – Eat the cake. But remember to eat plenty of fruit and veg too!

Stay active – Test out the hotel gym, go for a long walk on the beach, or swim in the hotel pool.

Hydrate – Sure, treat yourself to that glass of wine of bottle of beer, but make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated in the heat!

Catch those Zs – We know that you’re going to have a few late nights – it’s a holiday after all – but remember to squeeze in enough sleep as you can!

Protect yourself – Remember to stay protected against the sun. Put on some sun cream, wear a hat and protect those eyes with sunglasses!

Relax – After a day of exploring or looking after the kids, remember to make time for yourself. Read a book, catch up on your latest podcast or take some time to brag about your trip on social media. Hot dogs vs legs pics anyone?!

Don’t stress – Unless you’re some kind of freakishly fit alien, you’re bound to make some “unhealthy” choices on holiday. Don’t beat yourself up over them. Enjoy yourself and remember that you can get back on the wagon once the holiday is over.



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