Rainham’s Tip of the Week – Progressive Overload

Posted: 25/06/2009

Rainham’s Tip of the Week – Progressive Overload

Every time you train you need to use progressive overload. If you don’t then your fitness goals may suffer. So why is progressive overload so important?

Every time you train your muscles react to that stimulus. It could be lifting a weight, running or crunches but the muscles react to the demand put on them. Your muscles can cope with the stimulus and not have to adapt if the stimulus is low. But if the stimulus is greater then the muscles have to adapt and “grow” to cope with it next time.

You can increase the overload by using a heavier weight, more reps or less rest time, or further on the treadmill, faster on the bike or a higher level; the ways to increase the overload are numerous.

However if you overload by too much then you run the risk of a strain or injury.

So what is too much? A good rule to follow is the 10% rule. After a week of the same workout you can increase by 10% safely.

Some people will adapt quicker than others so they need to overload more frequently and others will adapt slower so overloading too soon could be a problem.

Whichever category you fall into always look to overload your training.

Please always seek guidance from an instructor.

by Mark Dopson
Reynolds at Rainham



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