Rainham’s member of the month Janet Copeland

Posted: 25/06/2010

Rainham’s member of the month Janet Copeland

Janet joined us in April 2009 and since then she attends the gym 2-3 times a week; she works very hard both inside and outside of the gym.
Janet provides help and support to many friends and family as well as working within the community. She does have a very busy lifestyle but she does not let this interfere with her training or scheduled appointments.

Some of you may be aware that Janet organised a chocolate raising fund for Demelza house over Easter. This was very successful and Janet was very appreciative for all those that brought something in.

Janet’s hard work in the gym has really paid off; you can see this by the following results:

Weight – loss of 8.4kg
Waist – loss of 11cm
Body fat – loss of 3.4% (which is 5.8kg of fat)
Hips – loss of 11cm
Thighs – loss of 8.5cm
Grip strength – 6kg increase in strength
Resting HR – reduced by 18bpm
Heart rate after step test – reduced by 43bpm
Flexibility- improved by 7cm

“I remember when Janet first joined the gym she could not run on the treadmill due to her balance but, following advice, and with sheer determination she is now able to run.”

“Well done Janet, keep up the good work!”

Sam Gear
bq. Fitness Professional-Rainham

Janet’s Statement

“When I joined The Old Parsonage last year with two other people I didn’t know what to expect. I knew if I followed the advice of the trainers my lifestyle would change for the better. What I didn’t bargin for was the amount of friends I have made. The friendly and jovial atmosphere has helped immensely.

Prior to joining I suffered two bereavements, my 32 yr old brother in law who died suddenly and a dear friend and colleague. Both inspired me to make positive changes, and combined with the help and advice from the Reynolds team, I am well on my way to being much more healthier.

The benefits of coming to the gym regularly for me are the weight and inch loss, improved self-esteem, confidence, stress relief and overall fitness. My husband and twin boys have been very supportive and it has inspired one of the boys to join as well.

In my spare time I am a member of Kent Special Constabulary and have been for over 11 years. I was asked along with 5 other officers to perform a guard of honour at the beginning of May for one of our officers who was getting married. It was a real privilege the only problem was my tunic (uniform) was too big and had to be altered. It made a pleasant change for something to be taken in, instead of being let out!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Samantha Gear for her encouragement and for pushing me in the right direction.
Cheers Sam!”

Janet Copeland



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