Reynolds Fitness Spa, Rainham’s Member of the month

Posted: 20/12/2011

Reynolds Fitness Spa, Rainham’s Member of the month

I had Evelyn Ennis for her Personal Training Review (PTR) today. Evelyn joined on 5/07/99 and has been coming regularly ever since!

Today’s Personal Training Review:

  • Lost 1 inch from waist
  • Lost 1 inch from hips
  • Lost 6% body fat
  • Maintained a healthy BP of 115/75
  • Maintained fantastic flexibility of 12cm! She can almost put her head on her knees!

Evelyn doesn’t have a lot of motivation for attending the gym in Rainham so she will only usually make it once or twice a week but when she’s here she does put the effort in, as the results show.

Since Rainham have had the studio, Evelyn has found a new love for pilates and thoroughly enjoys attending Sally’s classes which has obviously played a big part in maintaining her good flexibility!

By Kirsty, Reynolds Fitness Spa Team Rainham



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