Rainham’s March Members of the Month

Posted: 02/03/2010

Rainham’s March Members of the Month

Rainham have chosen sisters Amy and Emma Spencer as their Members of the Month for March.

Emma joined us first in June 2008 and Amy followed in March 2009. Both of them now come in together two to three times a week.

They have both done exceptionally well and so deserve to be our Members of the Month.

Like most of us Emma and Amy were going through a stage where they were lacking motivation, not seeing results and just going through the motions. They booked in for a personal training review with Sam on 14th December to see how things were going (a brave thing to do before Christmas!). Emma and Amy’s results had plateaued but we had a good consultation about lifestyle, eating habits, exercise etc. We then devised a plan and booked them in for their next review so that they had a date and goal to work to which was 16th February.

We are delighted to say that Amy and Emma have taken everything we spoke about on board and they have both achieved fantastic results.

Amy has lost 6.4 kg in weight, lost 8 cm from her waist, 5 cm from her hips and 2.5%body fat loss. Emma has lost 3.3 kg in weight, lost 5 cm from her waist, 3 cm from her hips and 2.3% body fat loss.

Well done Amy and Emma. These are fantastic results in only 2 months especially taking into account Christmas and New Year in between!

Carry on doing well and remember if you are lacking motivation just book another Personal Training Review!

Reynolds @ Rainham
Emma and Amy’s Statement

“We both found attending the gym 3 times a week quite a challenge and noticed after a while that our routine became stale. This showed in our first review and Sam decided it was time to make a change.

Sam showed us a more cardio based workout which although was gruelling really started to show positive results. We began just before Christmas with the aim that we would have a 2nd review in 8 weeks time. We now attend 3 times a week still and have really enjoyed the new programme.

Prior to our review date both of us felt that the new routine was working well as we both had more energy and our clothes felt looser! Sam encouraged us to keep a food diary so we could see what we were eating throughout the week. This really helped as we found most of the time we actually weren’t eating enough of the right food groups. By combining our new cardio workout with a balanced healthy diet we both started to lose weight.

To date we have now lost a stone and a half between us and we are still working hard to lose even more before the next review.



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