Rainham’s Member of the Month-Martin Ashby

Posted: 21/02/2011

Rainham’s Member of the Month-Martin Ashby

Martin joined Reynolds in July 2003 and has been a dedicated member ever since!

If he isn’t training hard, running on the treadmill or working on his physique in the free weights room, he is bouncing around the gym being his bubbly self, chatting to other members and staff!

As he has mentioned himself, he has seen the benefits that regular exercise and a good diet can bring!

Martin is realistic and still has his treats, which goes to show that anyone can achieve results if they are sensible, set realistic goals and regularly attend the gym.

We hope to see much more of Martin in the gym for years to come!

Well done from The Reynolds Team!

Martin’s Blog

When I joined The Old Parsonage nearly 8 years ago, the combination of naughty food, ‘binge’ drinking, lack of exercise, DFS sofa’s on interest free credit and Sky TV were generally taking their toll!

Since then I have regularly visited the gym, normally 3 or 4 times a week. With sensible adjustments to my diet, I have noticed my fitness level dramatically increase and have become generally more toned.

Certainly for me, the secret to maintaining regular exercise is to enjoy it! Here at Reynolds the friendly, helpful nature of the staff rubs off on it’s members and creates a relaxed, sociable environment that keeps me coming back.

I look forward to being a member for many more years, but would like to state categorically, I will always ‘binge’ drink!

Martin Ashby



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