Rainham Member of the Month-Andrew Read

Posted: 11/05/2011

Rainham Member of the Month-Andrew Read

ANDREW READ-Personal statement


My aspiration and goal before joining Reynolds was to gain strength through weight training and build muscle as well as gaining some improvements in stamina. I have always struggled in the past due to a high metabolic rate and couldn’t seem to put weight on!

On my first session it was also noted that my blood pressure was slightly high. After talking to Jake and having a plan and some advice set out I got started.


I organized another session with Jake roughly two months later to check on my progress and to generally have a chat and see how I was getting on and I explained how much I had been enjoying it and felt I had made some improvements. We checked my blood pressure which was now completely normal and after being weighed I had gained a stone in muscle which we were both ecstatic about!

I was really happy and surprised to have achieved good early progress.


My personal trainer Jake has been a very positive influence and given me lots of advice and encouragement which has been a big help in gaining my results along with the other members of staff who are always friendly and helpful. My first plan was ideal for my capabilities and allowed to slowly build the intensity and my new plan is a step further forward!

It’s a great atmosphere at Reynolds and I enjoy coming which inspires me to strive for continued results.


I first met Andrew in the middle of January and he started telling me his main goals, he seemed very keen to get started and couldn’t wait to see what the outcome would be because his metabolism was very high!

Andrew has been training very hard and his motivation has been outstanding! Since Andrew has started he has now gained a stone in weight and gained inches all over in muscle. He has now got a more challenging program and is looking forward to the task. WELL DONE!

We wish you the best of luck and hope the results keep on coming.

Jake Duffield
Fitness Professional @Rainham



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