Nutrition Tip Of The Week -Fibre

Posted: 17/08/2010

Nutrition Tip Of The Week -Fibre

Each week Bexley will give you tips concerning a different food type.

This week- it’s Fibre.

Nutrition plays a huge part in reaching our physical goals, and we cannot rely on exercise alone when it comes to losing weight and burning off those calories! So each week I will be outlining a couple of changes to make in certain food groups to help boost your metabolism, with the first one being fibre.

Swapping over simple carbohydrates (sugars, white bread and white pasta- which are all easier to digest) for more complex fibrous carbohydrates, such as wholemeal products, fruits and vegetables (which are also rich in vitamins) will help to boost your metabolism.

So why not try having oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, a wholemeal sandwich for lunch, or a handful of dried fruit for a snack?

Not only will this contain less calories than a diet that includes crisps, chocolate etc but it will also burn more calories during digestion and absorbtion.

Emma Driskell-Fitness Instructor Bexley

A quick tip from Sittingbourne

Did you know that sweet potatoes not only taste better than white potatoes, they also have fewer carbohydrates. Great if you’re trying to drop a few pounds!

Ensure you are fueling your body with good quality, complex carbohydrates (granary breads, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice) and of course, drinking enough water (2 litres).

Amy Casey-Fitness Instructor Sittingbourne




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