Member of the Month – Zoe Connor

Posted: 23/11/2012

Member of the Month – Zoe Connor

This month’s member of the month is Zoe Connor. Zoe has been a member at Reynolds gym in Bexley for more than a year and a half. When she first started training, due to her busy lifestyle, she couldn’t work out regularly and she wasn’t feeling motivated enough to try harder in the gym. She then had to stop training for a few months in January because of an important operation she had to sustain.

In March 2012, Zoe eventually recovered from her operation, but she had put weight on for not being as active for a few months. She found the right determination to start training hard and to achieve results, losing the weight that she gained during her inactivity. To do this, she chose to get some extra motivation from one of our Personal Trainers, Jamie Dalton.

Since March, Zoe has tried to have three PT sessions a week with Jamie, although sometimes she could only manage two because of work. The training included interval training running on the treadmill, circuits and some pad work (boxing).

Thanks to her determination and commitment to the gym, Zoe managed to achieve great results, losing 4cm from her waist and 6cm from her hips, taking down her total weight by over a stone and reducing her fat % by a good 2.3%! An increase in her lung function was also registered during her last PTR with Jamie. She looked after her nutritional habits as well, trying to consume only healthy foods and cutting down the intake of calories to about 1200 a day.

Proud and pleased of herself, during our interview, Zoe said: “It’s amazing how fitter I am now compared to only a few months ago, when I could barely run for 1 minute, whereas now I’m able to run 5K with no major issue! I feel so happy for all my changes, my shape is much better and I feel more confident, my general lifestyle has improved a lot. I like working out here at Reynolds, people are nice and the gym is great. I look forward to continuing my training with Jamie, I definitely recommend him 110%, without him I wouldn’t have done it, so a big thank you to him!”

Personal Trainer: Jamie Dalton



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