March Members of the Month

Posted: 16/03/2017

March Members of the Month

Our ‘Member of the Month’ awards for March are Claire Kemsley, Matthew Burley and Joan Stockdale.

Sittingbourne – Member of the Month

Claire Kemsley

Claire Kemsley has won the award of the member of the month, as she has excelled in many classes including, pump, combat, body balance and spin, many being one after the other. When she joined she started slowly and progressed massively! Her fitness level has improved along with her measurements and results from when the fitness tests were completed by Aimee. Claire’s overall attitude and determination to succeed is an inspiration to staff and other members.

Rainham – Member of the Month

Matthew Burley

Matthew is a loyal member of the Reynolds group, since starting with us many years ago Matthew has been very committed to his training and is moving from strength to strength. Matthew was born 11 weeks early with a Congenital Myopathy known as type 1 muscle fibre predominance. Matts condition is extremely rare and he also had a stroke just before his first birthday.

Prior to attending the gym Matt was very thin and frail. He was determined to gain muscle and wanted to be like other young people enjoying fitness. Since joining the gym Matt has gained weight and has a better appetite. He has better upper body strength and where he struggled to pick up a cup he is now able to pick up dumbbells. He also likes to socialise with everyone at Reynolds and is always up for a challenge. Matt partakes in two TLC sessions per week in which he works alongside a trainer to improve his mobility and strength. He has shown a lot of progress with his strength and stamina improving a lot. We are very happy with Matt’s progress and he is a pleasure to have in the Reynolds family. He is always happy to give anything a go, very chatty and sociable with a cheeky humour, even when he sometimes can trick us into chatting to get out of working.

“I enjoy coming to the gym, my strength has improved a lot especially on my left side. I feel stronger and find things easier now. I like all of the staff and chatting to other members, my legs were very thin before and now they are stronger.”
– Matt Burley

Bexley – Member of the Month

Joan Stockdale

Joan joined Reynolds with her friend Maureen in 2010 and has enjoyed coming into the club once or twice a week since then. In September 2016 Joan unfortunately suffered a stroke. After spending a week in hospital the stroke had affected Joan’s balance and her left arm and leg were also affected. After a tearful chat with our manager Dan Jones at the end of October Joan decided to come back to the club. Joan firstly came back to use the pool and with the help of Dan and the gym staff was able to get in and out of the pool. Joan has recently gone back to using the gym as well, she uses the treadmill, cross trainer and bike as well as resistance machines.

“Without the support and encouragement of Maureen and the Reynolds Team I am sure I wouldn’t be nearly as well as I am now. A big thank you to all of you!”
– Joan Stockdale



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