Make Fat Burning Fun

Posted: 31/01/2011

Make Fat Burning Fun

Are you looking for fat burning exercise ideas? An emphasis is often placed on how to burn fat and reduce calories in many diets, slimming programmes and general fitness regimes. Plus are there fat burners as such? Read on to find out more.

The reason people are looking for fat burning exercise, ideas and tips is that by lowering calories and ‘working off’ your fat, you will both lose weight and tone up.

In order to remain healthy, men need to restrict themselves to an intake of 2,500 calories per day and women to 2,000. Whilst this is an approximate guide only, it is the threshold recognised and approved by most respected medical organisations.

Simply put, if you consume significantly more than this amount you will gain weight – hence fat burning being sought by so many! Should you consume significantly less, you will lose weight. If you more or less stick to the threshold, your weight should remain at a constant. Fat burning/lowing calories is indeed an extremely essential part of everyday life.

The human body requires energy to perform and function. So when you exercise this uses up (or “burns”) calories. Fat burning/lowing calories reduces the net intake of energy into the body and if the amount is reduced to below the threshold, the body does not have enough energy to function properly and so will use its fat stores instead. If this is done regularly, it will lead to the human body losing weight.

The using of excess calories is by far the most effective method of losing weight. Regular stand alone diets are not as effective because all this does, in effect, is to starve the body of food (and therefore calories). Though this will result in some weight loss because the body is forced to use its fat stores, the body, sensing that it is being starved, slows down its metabolism so that energy is burned much more slowly.

In contrast, regular and healthy eating, in combination with a sensible programme of exercise will make the metabolism speed up, so that energy is burned more efficiently and weight is lost more easily and, indeed, can be kept off more easily. The main advantage to using up those calories by exercise, rather than starving yourself, is that you can eat plenty of food (within reason) and can also have a lot of fun exercising!
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