Just in Time!!

Posted: 02/11/2009

Just in Time!!

Are you looking for a new and easy method to increase your training intensity?

Then stop using sets and reps schemes and try lifting non stop for a set time period. This will trick your mind and body into lifting more. When you set a limit such as 10 reps then when you reach 10 you stop even though you may be able to lift more.

So, set a time and lift non stop until the time is up. You can rest as much as you want during the time set but keep going. A set may look something like this, 45 seconds, 6 reps, rest, 5 reps, rest, 3 reps, rest etc. The rest must only be for a few seconds before you carry on.

If you are looking for strength then choose a heavy weight and lift for 30 seconds.

For definition and muscle size choose a medium weight and lift for 45 seconds.


For muscular endurance and tone try a lighter weight and lift for 60 seconds.

Repeat each time set twice and use your existing programme.

If you would like a new programme or any advice concerning the above please see an instructor.

By Mark Dopson
Reynolds @ Rainham



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