Important Notice – Re. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) impact assessment

Posted: 13/03/2020

Important Notice – Re. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) impact assessment

For Members, guests, learners and all visitors to our sites we ask for your cooperation so we can all play our part in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to ensure that we can maintain a high quality environment for our staff, members, learners, clients and visitors.

Alongside our internal policies for employees we have reviewed government advice and have adopted a three-stage approach to our planning for visitors which can be summarised as ‘Prevention, Restriction, and Continuity’.


We have provided our staff with information regarding the actions to take to avoid infection such as handwashing etc and have reviewed our internal cleaning and housekeeping processes to reduce the risk of person to person infection within our sites. Additional cleaning is taking place with suggested hospital grade anti bacterial products throughout the day.

Additional anti bacterial sprays are available throughout the clubs for you to wipe equipment before and after use.


We request that all visitors to our sites notify us if there is any reasonable reason to believe that they have contracted the disease or have been exposed to an infected person, and they self-isolate from our sites until they do not present any risk of infection to others.


While we are not experiencing any significant problems as yet, we have continuity plans in place for all our sites In the event that we have significant level of staff absent from work either though illness and the need to self-isolate, or due to the need to care for dependents in the event of school closures etc. We will do our best to notify you as soon as possible of any appointments that we need to cancel due to last minute staff shortages, and apologise in advance if our endeavours fail occasionally.

We have undertaken a risk assessment for all of our sites and should an outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infections occur the site will be deep cleaned overnight. Should a site need to close for any length of time all other sites will be available to members during this period.

Please be assured that our service will continue as normal for the foreseeable future.


We appreciate that the situation is developing rapidly and consequently we will keep our plans under constant review. We will post any further updates on our website but will write to you again should our plans change in any significant way.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Emma Reynolds
Chief Executive Officer



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