How to party and stay fit this festive season!

Posted: 14/11/2014

How to party and stay fit this festive season!

Don’t forget it’s important to enjoy yourself over the holiday seasons with the festivities of Hanaka, Christmas and New Year. With these tips you can maintain your achievements and most importantly stay healthy whilst enjoying yourself.

Maintenance in the run up

Maintain your exercise routine and balanced diet, it will keep you feeling confident and in control.

Don’t write off the whole month

Don’t subject your body to a month of unhealthy eating, it won’t thank you! You will start feeling sluggish and bloated before you’ve even reached Christmas day!

Be Selective!

Choose the most important events and give them priority for unhealthy behaviour. For example, if you have two social events in one week it doesn’t mean you need to treat/over-indulge at both. Pick your favourite, or the event that is more “worth it” and treat yourself!

Think before you drink!

Remember to pace yourself! For every alcoholic drink, give your body a little break with a plain or sparkling water with either lemon or lime. Soda and lime can be good but remember the cordial is full of sugar. As an alternative a spritzer or a shandy can reduce the rate of alcohol intake. To keep track of your drinks don’t let anyone continuously top up your drink or mix your drinks.

Eat well, when you can

Before and after your chosen ‘treat’ events, fill your body with nutrients: salads, juices, smoothies and lean protein. The nutritional density of this food will prevent cravings and over-indulgence when you are out.

Don’t starve yourself before a party night

Starving yourself during the day doesn’t make up for the calories you will consume later, in fact it puts your body into starvation mode. This means when you do consume calories, your body will store it straight away, in fat! By doing this you are hindering your weight loss. In addition, there is no doubt that you will over-indulge when you do eat, as you will have stronger cravings. Keep your nutrition high therefore reducing your cravings.

The hangover.

Salvation remedies if you did over-indulge
• Help your liver cleanse your system by drinking a lot of water, better yet green vegetable juice or a try a glass of liquid Chlorophyll.
• The next day, replenish salts and other minerals by drinking hot water with a fresh lemon slice and a few pinches of Himalayan crystal salt.
• You will be craving salt, sugar and fats, use natural whole foods to satisfy these cravings. Himalayan Crystal Salt contains a broad spectrum of minerals and trace minerals, helping you make up for lost minerals from excess junk food or alcohol. Caution should only apply to table salt that is processed and refined down to sodium and chloride – other salts are incredibly beneficial.
• Eating foods high in B vitamins, especially B12 will energise you and reclaim normality. Foods such as feta cheese, mozzarella, salmon, red meat, shell fish and eggs are all high in B12.



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