Five Tips for Great Abs That Aren’t Sit-Ups

Posted: 05/03/2015

Five Tips for Great Abs That Aren’t Sit-Ups

1. Eat five or six meals a day

Despite compelling information arguing to the contrary, many people still consume most of their food in two or three large meals every day, often going for hours at a time eating nothing in between. Sure, you can lose weight, and fat, on a reduced-calorie trio of meals, but you can’t train your body to burn fat efficiently, which is key to maintaining weight loss.
A nutritious meal or snack every three hours or so stabilizes your blood-sugar levels, ensures adequate nutrients are constantly on hand and helps control hunger-induced cravings for sweets and fats. It also leads to more effective glycogen storage in the liver and muscle tissues; thus, your body won’t cannibalize muscle as an energy source during training.
So break your meals in half and spread them out. If you have trouble fitting in extra eating times at work, prepare food ahead of time that you can zap in the microwave or eat cold.

2.Don’t let hunger be your guide

By the time you feel hungry, your body is already deficient and is alerting you as a last resort! Make sure you are eating regularly to keep the hunger at bay.

3.How much protein do you need?

If you are exercising regularly and are worried about how much protein your body needs. This calculation may help. Take your ideal weight in lbs, this could be 170 lbs,multiply that number by 0.8 grams and you will have calculated your daily protein requirement. In this case it is 136 grams, 27 grams across 5 meals per day. That is about for slices of turkey breast meat or a small can of water packed tuna.

4.Diversify your carbs

Keep your body guessing by avoiding familiar carbohydrates so you don’t get caught in a rut, Move between brown rice, potatoes, vegetables and grains. The general rule is to not eat more than two or three grams of carbs per pound of body weight. Remember excess calories are stored as fat whether they are from protein, fat or carbs. It is also a good idea to avoid eating carbs at the same meal everyday.

5.Stay Hydrated

Make sure you are drinking enough water , it is essential for protein conversion and carbohydrate uptake. In addition fat is mobilised through a process called hydrolysis and insufficient liquids in your body will hinder fat breakdown. 10 cups of water per day is great target to aim for!



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