Exercise of the month – Split Squat Jumps

Posted: 28/11/2012

Exercise of the month – Split Squat Jumps

Try this exercise to develop strong Quadriceps and Glutes whilst improving your explosive power and muscular force. Plyometric exercises are also very effective in enhancing speed, agility and power in a wide range of sports including football, rugby and tennis to name a few.

To perform, begin upright, with feet slightly narrower than shoulder width apart. Lunge forwards, stretching as far as safely possible. In one explosive movement, jump and switch both feet to their alternating positions whilst air bound. Ensure that you keep a straight back throughout the exercise and take extra care when landing on your trailing toes.

To make the Split Squat Jump more challenging, add a light dumbbell to each hand and perform the exercise with added weight, increasing the difficulty and intensity.


This exercise is excellent when added immediately onto another exercise in a superset form, working well with Squats and Heavy Stair Walks.

Luke Armour, Fitness Professional, Rainham



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