Boxing Training-Are You Tough Enough?

Posted: 25/11/2010

Boxing Training-Are You Tough Enough?

Many people get positive results from boxing training including;
improved cardio vascular fitness, improved strength,
more defined arms and legs and it’s also a real confidence booster!

The mixture of sparring jabs, power punches, squats and right hooks
will really help to tone and define your upper body!

The combination of of blocks, kicks and skipping will work your
lower body and tone up your legs!

As well as helping to tone and firm your body into shape, boxing training can also help to improve your balance and co-ordination, and it’s also great fun!

Why not try a body combat class?

Body Combat classes are a fresh and exciting workout which stimulate your mind and body and will leave you feeling invigorated!

This fun class combines the self defence disiplines; kickboxing, karate, tai chi, and tae kwondo.

An adrenaline pumping routine that will have you ‘fighting fit’ in no time!

This class aims to burn lots of calories and will improve your strength, flexibility, co-ordination and agility!

Why not try Body Combat at our Sittingbourne Club?

By Kirsty Kemp-Fitness Professional @ Rainham
Photo by Ambro courtesey of Free Digital Photos



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