Reynolds Fitness Spa, Bexley Member of the month

Posted: 09/12/2011

Reynolds Fitness Spa, Bexley Member of the month

Louise Todd has been a member of Reynolds Fitness Spa in Bexley for only 2 months, before joining Reynolds she suffered a stroke down her right side, this was from a terrible accident where she tore her left corroted artery which caused the stroke.

Louise has never been a massive gym lover, and was frightened to join the gym, her brother and doctor persuaded her to join Reynolds as between them they felt she had stopped making progress with her physiotherapy and needed a new and more exciting way of training to carry on improving and to get to where she wants to be.

With Reynolds Fitness Spa Louise receives 1 hour of one on one training with an instructor once a week to help overcome her injury and try to feel fitter and healthier and carry on making progress. Dan, fitness professional and personal trainer has been training with Louise for a while now and they have made real progress working together and Louise has become a much loved member of Reynolds always talkative and bubbly with all the instructors, she is an asset to Reynolds and we do everything we can to try and push her to achieve her goals.

Firstly, Dan was training with Louise in the gym, but recently Louise has decided she would like to move her training into the pool area, where Dan has taught Louise how to swim again and made her much more comfortable and confident with her swimming, they have made lots of progress with her upper body strength and Louise now swims when she comes in throughout the week.

Louise has also received lots of other benefits from Reynolds, taking full advantage of our fully qualified sports massage therapist Christina; she had a massage off her recently and found it very beneficial and relaxing for the muscles. Overall Louise is a credit to herself and her family and has made so much progress we would like to name her as our member of the month and we aim to carry on the hard work.

by Jamie Dalton; Personal Trainer at Bexley



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