Reynolds Fitness Spa – Bexley’s Member of the Month May 2012

Posted: 04/05/2012

Reynolds Fitness Spa – Bexley’s Member of the Month May 2012

Ravi Rehal

Ravi is one of Reynolds veterans, he joined Bexley in July 2005 and he has kept on training and keeping fit ever since. However, it’s during the last few months in which he made a difference. In fact, on his PTR completed in January 2012, Ravi weighed 14st 7lbs, and within just 2 months he had lost the outstanding weight of over 2 stone.

With determination, consistency and a lot of effort, Ravi’s weight classification has now changed from obese class I to normal, which means that his total fat weight has gone down within the ideal range for his age and build; but most of all he feels much healthier and he has improved his fitness levels greatly.

Ravi has been training 4-5 times a week concentrating mostly on cardiovascular training, spending from 30-45 minutes running on the treadmill per session. He now combines his cardiovascular training with some resistance training once or twice a week aiming for a high weight/ low repetition system in order to maintain his muscle mass.

Ravi Says,

“Training here with Reynolds is a great pleasure; the staff are always happy, helpful and very professional. Sometimes I wasn’t sure of what to do, but the Reynolds guys came up to me with several tips, useful to help achieve my targets. What also really helps is the motivation I am given from the staff, and the whole general atmosphere composed by very nice and friendly people, along with amazing facilities.”

Giorgio Pollio
Fitness Instructor at Bexley

With the collaboration of Advanced Apprentice: Aaron O’Brien



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