5 Reasons To Consider Becoming A Personal Trainer

Posted: 13/06/2019

5 Reasons To Consider Becoming A Personal Trainer

Have you ever considered a career change? Do you have a passion for working out at the gym after a long day at the office? Why not turn that passion into your career? Here are five reasons why you should consider becoming a Personal Trainer.

Career Opportunities

2019 will be the year that society’s youngest generations – Gen Z and Millennials – will dominate the consumer market. More and more young people are joining a gym. In fact, research shows that over half of new gym members are under the age of 30. Fueled by the need for healthier living and the desire for the “Instagram Body”, fitness professionals who can help clients reach their goals are currently – and will continue to be – in huge demand.

And even better, obtaining an affordable and internationally recognised Personal Training certification will allow you to work anywhere in the world. Fancy working in busy city gyms in New York City or Toronto? Or maybe in more relaxed gyms on the beaches of Sydney or Los Angeles? Well becoming certified in Personal Training can open the door to career opportunities all across the world. Imagine the possibilities!

Increased Earnings

With a fast growing industry comes a fast growing rate of pay. Demand for Personal Trainers continues to increase rapidly, so there are vast opportunities to earn more than you are earning right now. That can’t be a bad thing, can it? Though a starting salary can be on average between £16,000 – £18,000, after just one year of experience you can expect to see an increase to between £20,000 – £35,000, and highly successful Personal Trainers could end up earning anything between £50,000 – £100,000. That’s the dream, isn’t it?

A Personal Training salary obviously depends on the hours you work and the amount you charge – and where you are in the country has an impact on how much you can charge.  However, your experience and qualifications are what really matter. The more experience you have, and the more certifications you can add to your resume, the more you will ultimately be able to charge.

And one last thing about earnings. Though it may seem impossible, becoming a Personal Trainer could make you money on social media, for example on Instagram. If you did choose to go down that route – and this relies heavily on your knowledge, personality, and a really good social media presence – there are opportunities to earn as much as £200 per post. Sounds like a dream, but it does happen!

Independence and Flexibility

A career in Personal Training isn’t just about the opportunities for increasing your income. Personal Training can allow you to work independently. Not only that, your work schedule can be as flexible as you choose, meaning you can work  with your clients to determine training times and availability that are suited for both of you. So whether you base yourself at a gym or at your home, Personal Training allows you to set your own schedule for clients.

Job Satisfaction

If you are already into fitness and you love working out, then changing to a career in Personal Training means you will be getting paid to do what you love. Not everyone can say they do that, can they? No more doing a job that you heart just isn’t in to. Imagine working in a positive environment doing what you enjoy!

Not only that, the satisfaction you will get from your clients will leave you feeling good about yourself too. Ultimately, you will be helping them to achieve their goals and transform their lives. When they smile, when they feel good, and when they are full of positive energy, you will know that it was you who helped them to get there. What’s more satisfying than knowing you’ve helped to change someone’s life for the better?

It Gives You The Tools To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Let’s face it, if you are a Personal Trainer, you are going to be expected to live up to the goals and ideals that you have set up for your clients. We are all visual people. If a client can see that you look like you live a healthy lifestyle, then they are more likely to trust you to help them. This means you will be leading an active and healthy lifestyle as part of your normal work routine. It’s almost as if you will be getting paid to keep fit and eat healthy!

To Summarise…

So to wrap up, if you are interested in becoming a Personal Trainer, then it’s obvious there are so many reasons why you should make that move. Higher income, flexible hours, keeping healthy, and most importantly, the ability to work when you want, where you want, anywhere in the world. So go on, make the change today. The possibilities are endless!

And in case you didn’t know, the Reynolds Group offer fully accredited courses to get you on the road to a career in the fitness industry. So if you’re interested in getting Level 2 and 3 qualifications in Personal Training, then check out our website or email us at training@reynoldsgroup.co.uk for more info!



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