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Reynolds values all its members and our high quality customer service is central to our aims as a company.

By having our own award winning training company as part of the Reynolds Group we are able to ensure all staff are trained to the highest levels and their knowledge and expertise is continually updated and maintained giving our customers a service that is unlikely to be rivalled anywhere else.

Our instructors are always on hand to offer individual tuition to ensure you achieve and are motivated to maintain a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.

Your needs are assessed

Each member is an individual and their needs can differ greatly. Great care is taken to assess each member’s needs so we can address any primary concerns immediately and continue to move forward.

Whether you need to start gently due to post-injury, post-operation or medical conditions, or you have a sports specific, higher level requirement we can ensure you will have a relevant, realistic and manageable programme to fulfill your needs.

Programmes are not limited to the gym, combining classes and swimming is beneficial. In addition the specific use of the spa facilities will also enhance your experience and results depending on your needs, for example: improving sleep, breaking down cellulite or improving muscle recovery, allowing for more intense workouts to achieve quicker results.

Your starting level is assessed

Your fitness level is ascertained via a selection of fitness tests and postural assessments. We will measure your height, weight, muscle mass, body fat, BMI, blood pressure, flexibility and a selection of body measurements to monitor how your body shape changes throughout your training and allow the fitness professional to highlight areas that need more attention. The postural assessments allow for the identification of potentially tight and weak muscles that can be affecting not only your training but your work and home life as an unbalanced body will develop tension and injuries if left uncorrected.

This vital information, is used to ensure your programme is at the appropriate level that is relevant, safe and challenging.

Your needs are skillfully met and maintained

Regular contact with our personal trainers allow us to monitor and progress you. Our highly skilled fitness professionals will adapt your fitness programme to your specific needs as you progress, including nutritional advice where needed for weight loss, gain, sports enhancement or a healthy balanced diet. One personal training session is included in the cost of membership; additional sessions can be booked online and on site.

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