Pool & SpaExercise or just relax in our stunning swimming pools at most of our sites, there are so many health benefits



Exercises the whole body:

Swimming works every muscle without the hard impact on your skeletal system. This is great if you have stiff muscles and sore joints, are overweight or suffering with arthritis.

Improved Muscle / Bone Strength & Flexibility:

Water is 12 times denser than air so every stroke and kick is a resistance exercise that safely strengthens all your major muscles. Swimming has been shown to lengthen the spine and improve flexibility in all the major joints.
Swimming has also been shown to improve bone density and strength especially in post menopausal women. Not only this but swimming improves the use of arthritic joints and decreases pain from osteoarthritis.

Strengthens the Heart:

Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise that not only improves your fitness levels and strengthens the heart but also combats the body’s inflammatory response as well – a key link in the chain that can lead to heart disease as well as helping to reduce high blood pressure.

Burns Calories & Great weight loss:

Swimming has been proved to be one of the biggest calorie burners. A moderate pace swim for 30 minutes can burn around 250-300 calories!

Also due to the great aerobic power of swimming it can reduce your bad cholesterol and improve your good.

In addition it can also keep your endothelium in good shape, that’s the thin layer of cells that line the arteries and tend to lose flexibility with age. In one study of people in their 60s who regularly participated in swimming exercise, their endothelium function was found to be equal to those 30-40 years younger.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes:

With just 30 minutes of breast stroke swimming three times per week you could burn 900 calories reducing the risk of contacting type 2 diabetes by over 10% in men and 16% in inactive women. Swimming can also help with type 1 diabetes as it can increase insulin sensitivity.

Stress Relief, and Longer Life:

Swimming releases endorphins in the brain that produces a natural high and can also evoke the relaxation response the same way Yoga works on the whole body.
Research has also shown that those who swim regularly had a 50% lower death rate than runners, walkers or those who got no regular exercise!

Swimming at The Retreat

Our non-chlorine Pool

At The Retreat we do not use harsh chemicals like chlorine. The water is purified using a natural system of silver and copper, its just like swimming in natural spring water. There are no chemical smells and the water is gentle for your skin and hair (even if its not completely natural) as well as being environmentally friendly. The chemical free water is so natural it can be used to irrigate the vegetables in the walled garden for use in our restaurant.

The marble walled pool and spa hall is beautiful and elegant, your eyes will be drawn to the stunning deck level pool with its deep blue water that disappears over an infinity edge leading your gaze to the beautiful view beyond. Reflected in the water are stunning English hand cut crystal chandeliers commissioned especially for The Retreat.

The pool has a continuous depth of 1.2m and has a set temperature of 28°C so is perfect for both beginners and experienced swimmers alike.

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