Off days

We may have had some unfortunate or bad news, have something, or someone, on our mind.  Something may have triggered a flare up, or exacerbated an ongoing medical condition or a disability. Or it’s that dance move that cost us the part; that grumpy client who gave negative feedback; that pedicure that wasn’t great.  Or we might simply be tired.

How we manage such things will be individual.  In themselves they may or may not be an issue, although emotive nevertheless. Cumulative events take their toll too, and sometimes the smallest thing can trigger an edgy response.

We are human after all. Many things can affect us, and others too.

Knowing this, and that we’re all subject to stress, pressure and ‘off days’, makes for better understanding and tolerance of, say, an occasional abrupt or clipped response, a strong correction, a sharp tone of voice.

Sometimes I think until we get to know each other, we can take things very personally, but communicating in all circumstances is essential, especially when things go wrong”

This sentiment of knowing yourself and those around you – our ‘personal clues and cues’ – and that sometimes things get to us, helps our understanding. That can prevent misinterpretation or potential conflict. However, if ‘bad days’ continue, having a ‘courageous conversation’ might be a good idea.

So remembering “It’s good to talk”, regardless how difficult you believe that might be, is much better for well-being than ‘suffering in silence’.  A simple ‘I’m having an off day’ is often enough, can avoid misunderstandings and even evoke empathy, compassion and some additional support.