Training for Boys

We pride ourselves at Reynolds Performing Arts in tailoring the curriculum to accommodate our male students by including separate technique classes so that males are able to benefit and focus on skills that are specific to them.

Once a male student has enrolled on to our course, they obviously demonstrate a commitment to pursuing their passion for dance and musical theatre. It is important to us that we maintain and enlarge upon that passion and endeavour to make our male students hungry for training that meets their needs, whilst realising the different stages of development for each year group.

Male specific classes focus more on improving strength, including guided weight training to help with pas de deux work, jumps, turns etc so that they are more equipped and skilled and able to work at a more enduring level. Males, as well as our female students are actively encouraged to ‘cross train’ in order to adopt the benefits that this type of ‘all round’ training brings to the performer, i.e. strength, stamina, endurance and ultimately longevity to a professional career in the performing arts.

In all male classes, teachers can structure the lesson differently to engage male’s attention from start to finish. Very often, a male performer may have started training much later than their female peers, and therefore considered to be a physical mover, with raw potential as opposed to an experienced technician.

Male performers of today have gained more technical breadth, and are expected to have versatility in all areas. When a teacher and/or choreographer throws a high impact lift, sustained handstand, or swooping movement, it is power and stability that is needed to get through these types of demands. It is important to build on strength, length and flexibility in order to compete with those at the top of their league. Current training methods at Reynolds Performing Arts reflect this and are continually monitored in order to maintain the changing standards and demands of the professional industry.

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