Fees & Scholarships

Private Fees

Fully funded qualification hours amount to approximately 19 hours a week. Private fees cover up to a further 21 hours of enrichment contact time. The additional enrichment hours are exceptional to the chosen pathway and are non-qualification based. Enrichment classes are industry relevant training this could include;

RPA keeps fees for the private course to a minimum and facilitate the additional exceptional training we are able to offer. The additional fees you pay are for the “TOP UP” contact hours which Reynolds Performing Arts provide under the private sector of the course.

Private Fees: £500 per term inclusive of VAT (£1,500 annually)

Supplementary Courses are also available at an additional cost:

Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships, bursaries and means tested support is available. At RPA, we believe everyone who has the potential has the right to exceptional training regardless of their financial background so don’t let fees put you off. We are passionate about improving the diversity at RPA and we strongly encourage all candidates to apply for our courses. Information on access to scholarships and bursaries will be given on successful acceptance on to the course

Non-refundable deposit = £99
Non-refundable show fund = £250

All fees (where applicable) are inclusive of VAT

Audition Fee (all courses) = £30 RPA does not want fees to discourage any applicants from auditioning. Therefore, we have introduced an Audition Fee Waiver Scheme to encourage applications from talented candidates who are prevented from applying by financial barriers. Please enquire when applying for more details regarding this scheme.

N.B. All fees are non-refundable and MUST be paid by the agreed date as determined by each individual courses.

*subject to eligibility