Teacher Training

Many learners at Reynolds whilst remaining passionate about Dance and Musical Theatre are keen to pursue a career in teaching Dance.

We are also aware that during resting periods it is important for artists to have other income streams to fall back on. As such we endeavour to ensure our learners have as rounded a training as possible to prepare them for a long career in the industry.

ISTD Level 3 DDI- Diploma in Dance Instruction

All learners on our Diploma programme have the opportunity to work towards their ISTD DDI qualification in Modern, Tap and Ballet.

These qualifications are recognised internationally as the highest standard of dance teaching qualification. They provide learners with a solid knowledge and understanding of the ISTD syllabus in the genres they are studying and enables them to teach ISTD grades.

If learners wish, once they have completed their Level 3 qualifications, Reynolds will provide support and training to move onto the DDE level 4 Diploma in Dance Education.

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