College Activities

Throughout the year, Reynolds students are continually working towards performances presented in our own studio theatre as well as several external productions including a West End showcase performance for the graduating students. Each year is brought to a close with a full college production at The Orchard Theatre.

Theatre Trips

It is crucial to the development of our learners that they are given exposure to current works within the performing arts world.

Through our extensive industry links Reynolds is able to arrange special back-stage access to many current performances in the West-end, often where Reynolds staff themselves are performing.

Learners are given the opportunity to go on organised trips where they are often given exclusive access to the casts of productions and discounted, top quality seats.

Learners will then have time allocated in their timetable to discuss and analyse performances they have seen in order to improve their own understanding of the industry they are joining and their own performance styles.

Professional Engagements

Reynolds’ excellent reputation in the industry means our learners are often invited to perform at showcase events, that provide excellent exposure for up and coming performers.

Learner Representatives

Learners at Reynolds have a strong voice that drives improvements and programme content at the college. Reynolds Performing Arts Principal and members of the Directorship meet with learner representatives of each year group twice each term to discuss improvements to the programme and any issues students are facing.

This is an excellent opportunity for learners to develop their natural leadership abilities, whilst making a meaningful difference to the college experience of their peers.

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