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“Individual goals are achieved in a motivating, professional atmosphere.” - Ofsted

Performing Arts College

Courses available from September 2018:

3 Year Full time Performing Arts Course in Dance & Musical Theatre

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New full time acting course starting in September 2018.

Free Acting Workshop on Friday 22nd June 6pm to 8pm – for ages 11 to 18. Please download our leaflet for more information.

Reynolds offers professional training from elite industry staff.

Our training focuses on the demands of the industry and continually adapts to accommodate the changes within the profession. Learners’ individual needs are skilfully met with the use of carefully devised timetables and individual learning plans. These are constructed to ensure all learners’ individual career goals are recognised and achieved.

The expectation on the learners to achieve is high. Throughout a learner’s training their progress and development is carefully monitored to ensure all learners attain their full potential. Class sizes are small allowing learners to grow in confidence and grasp skills and techniques. Learners will be streamed according to their technical ability to ensure that the classes they attend are specifically targeted to maximise their progress. Learners will have the opportunity to move to the most appropriate level each term. Our strong team of staff not only nurtures the talents of each individual, but creates a relaxed approachable working atmosphere for learners to thrive in. Guest teachers bring unique qualities to the training. The experience and first hand knowledge these professionals impart is invaluable to the learners.

Time is spent discussing audition techniques, professional skills, career planning and business preparation. Learners are provided with realistic views of the technical demands of their chosen careers, fully preparing them as working professionals.

RPA Showreel

  • Outstanding contribution to education and training awarded Beacon status
  • Professional training from elite industry staff
  • Learners needs and aspirations are skilfully met
  • Additional qualifications ensure a life long career
  • Learners progress and development is monitored throughout their training
  • Guest teachers bring their unique qualities of experience and best practice
  • Exit programme ensures learners are fully prepared as working professionals

What out learners say:

Ruby Fitzmaurice (3rd year student)

‘I have absolutely loved my training at Reynolds so far. We are so lucky to have the incredible faculty that teach us and give us the training and knowledge we need to make it in the industry. I’m going into my third year and going to Reynolds was the best decision I’ve ever made!’

Hayley Cann (3rd year student)

‘Reynolds has given me exceptional training in the performing arts, it has provided all the tools needed for me to succeed in this career path as well as offered me constant support throughout my time here. The college is constantly finding new ways to improve itself and I think that’s why the all the students here strive to better themselves too.’

Cameron Shorter (2nd year student)

‘The progress and transformation I have made throughout my first year at Reynolds has really shaped me into a stronger performer. I couldn’t have done it without the outstanding support and guidance of the Reynolds faculty.’

Rachel Donnellen (2nd year student)

‘I am extremely proud to be a student Reynolds Performing Arts. We have amazing, talented teachers who have helped make me a more confident and better person. Auditioning for this college was the best decision I have ever made!’

The Performing Arts Training course delivered by Reynolds Training Academy holds affiliate status with the CDMT.

CDMT Affiliate: Performing Arts Training Course

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