Audition Requirements


There are four stages to the musical theatre, acting and dance pathway auditions. Some stages are optional depending on the pathway you are auditioning for.

Stage 1: Dance Workshop (optional for Acting Pathway) 
Candidates participate in a ballet class and jazz class led by a member of dance staff.  All applicants are required to dress appropriately in fitted dance attire with ballet shoes (ballet) and soft jazz shoes, foot thong or bare feet (jazz). All jewellery must be removed for safety reasons. Hair must be neatly groomed and should worn in a bun for the ballet class (unless hair is too short) and neatly groomed for jazz dance.

Candidates wishing to be considered for the Dance Pathway will also need to prepare a dance solo of approximately 1 minute 30 seconds in a discipline of their own choice.

Acting workshop (optional for Dance Pathway) 
Candidates should wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement (tracksuit etc. is ideal). We will be looking closely at:

Candidates wishing to be considered for the Acting Pathway will also need to prepare a monologue of no longer than 2 minutes, from a published play.

Singing audition (optional for Acting and Dance Pathway) 
Candidates should prepare a musical theatre song of 32 bars/1 minute in length. Please avoid songs that demand an extreme ‘character’ voice. We need to hear your voice. You will need to bring a backing track for your song on your device. Candidates should dress appropriately for their song choice. Please ensure the track is downloaded and not accessed through a website such as YouTube.

Interview (all candidates) 
Candidates will be interviewed. During the interview, questions will be asked that are pertinent to the candidate’s goals, aspirations, and prior academic and performance achievement(s).

Audition Fee (all courses) = £30 


We have learners join RPA from all over the UK. If you live a long way away or are prevented from travelling because of Covid-19 restrictions, we will also accept a video audition though you may then be asked to attend a recall. There is no cost for video auditions. For this audition we require the following:

Please state your name and the pathway you are auditioning for at the beginning of each video. If you are not sure which pathway you are most suitable for, please state this at the beginning of your video and submit as per the requirements for Musical Theatre Pathway.

Learners will then be invited to an interview via Zoom for the final stage.

Please send your application form and videos to You can use file sharing options such as wetransfer, googledrive link, dropbox or onedrive.