COVID-19 College Updates

25.1.2021 – 16-19 Tuition Fund Statement

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused wide ranging national disruption to learning in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic year. In response Reynolds Training is putting in place increased small group tuition support to help mitigate this disruption and enable learners to catch up, using additional funding from the ESFA. In line with ESFA funding rules, Reynolds Training will prioritise additional tuition and support for learners without a GCSE in English and / or Maths at grade 5 or above, including learners with SEND.

Any funding received from the ESFA will be solely used for this purpose and within the criteria established in the guidance. Recording of this activity will take place and be documented on the learner’s record. Implementation To deliver the additional tuition, Reynolds Training has taken the following approach:

Reynolds Training will create additional sessions for learners identified as needing support and will normally allocate between 3-5 learners to each session.

The subject of the sessions may be for any part of their programme and not just limited to Maths and English. The sessions will only be delivered by tutors and support staff with the relevant skills and experience. Staffing The teaching resource in our organization has been increased, which has enabled us to add additional sessions to relevant learners’ timetables. The sessions will be in addition to the normal timetable of learning that a student would normally undertake with Reynolds Training. Additional funding may also be made available to buy in services from third-party providers to be able to deliver the same type of small group sessions to our learners, alongside wrap around pastoral support to keep them engaged.

18.1.2021 – RTA Remote education Offer from the 11th January 2021

Further to the announcement of a new national lockdown on Monday 4th January, our sites will remain closed for face-to-face education until advised otherwise by the government. We will still be delivering our courses through remote learning from the 11th January 2021. Awarding bodies will be confirming any changes to how students will be graded and assessed in the coming weeks.

RPA Professional Diploma and Extended Diploma:

We will deliver the full course timetable with minor adaptations as necessary through live learning via Zoom and Teams. The adapted timetable has been published to students through their Facebook groups. Students will continue with their current assignments through remote learning.

All students should engage fully in online learning and regularly check in with their personal tutors, check their cohort’s Facebook page and college emails for updates. Portfolios will continued to be assessed through their VLE Smart Assessor.

VTCT Beauty and Active IQ Fitness qualifications:

Reynolds South: We will deliver students’ classes on their set days each week through live Zoom classes. Timetables have been adapted to meet student needs and have been emailed and sent via Facebook groups.

Reynolds North: Remote learning for both theory and practical sessions will be via Zoom for all students. Timetables and communications to students will be via phone and email.

Students will continue with planned units through remote learning and the awarding bodies have given qualification adaptation guidance to all centres. All students should engage fully in the online learning and they will have regular 1-1 with their tutors.

Support for students

Students who have difficulty accessing remote learning because of devices, connectivity or their environment will be supported by their personal tutor to ensure these issues are resolved as required. Students with SEND will be supported by their personal tutor as needed to ensure they can access remote learning. Learners who are deemed vulnerable will be expected to attend a provision onsite. Personal tutors will be accessible via email and in tutorials within college working hours as usual.

GCSEs and Functional Skills

GCSE and A level exams have been cancelled according to Government guidance and tutor assessments will now take place in accordance with OFQUAL guidelines. Online attendance and completion of set work remains crucial in developing evidence for GCSEs assessments.

Functional skills qualifications will continue as planned.

External Communications

Letters to students and parents of our 16-19 year old students were sent on the 6th January outlining our plans and we will continue to communicate during the coming days as necessary.