Sitting Bourne Pool

Adult Swimming Lessons at Sittingbourne

Calling all adults who need to learn to swim or get in shape! We run lessons to suit you. Whether you can swim or are just a beginner we can help.

We are running lessons for beginners to help you overcome your fear and lessons for swimmers to improve technique.

The biggest problems swimmers endure through the incorrect swimming technique is neck, back and hip pain. Reynolds aim is to educate swimmers on the best method to ensure safe swimming.

We also have lessons for people to improve health and fitness.

Our very own General Manager, Ellie Miles was confident enough with Jean after just one lesson that by the end of the lesson she was able to put her head under the water, something that she had never been able to do before.

A half hour lesson is £20 per person or £35 for an hour. Double up with a partner and half hour lessons are £25 and a one hour lesson is £45.

For more details contact Reception at Sittingbourne on 01795 479966.

Meet our Swimming Instructor, Jean

Hello my name is Jean Pendrich. I have been teaching swimming for almost 25 years. My career started as an international swimmer at the age of twelve. I was selected to represent the country in many national and international competitions including the Commonwealth Games in 1970.

Jean Pendrich

My career changed when I married and went on to have four children and each of them I taught to swim. Missing the swimming I went back into training myself and gained two silver medals and a bronze in the World Games in 1985 in Toronto, Canada. My eldest daughter has followed in my footsteps and represented Great Britain in the European World and Commonwealth Games.

All these experiences have helped me in my teaching over the years. I have taught well over 3000 children and adults to swim. My aim as an instructor is to encourage everyone to learn to swim properly with the correct style and technique. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your health and overall wellbeing. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your own personal goal.